​​Our Ethiopian partners blew us away the very first time we met them.  The church in Woliso, Ethiopia is vibrant, strong, compassionate, and full of growth. The plentiful fruits the church produces are the result of their desire to have each member abiding in Christ.   


Woliso Kale Heywet has many aspects of their ministry, one of which is passion for orphan rescue.  What grew out of this church's desire for orphan care is 24 beautiful and now rescued children living on the church property in a family environment.  These children are being loved, educated, clothed, and fed. Meeting them for the first time August of 2012 was one of our great joys.


The church comes along side at risk families in the community and gives support by providing Home Based Care (HBC) to the families most in need. 


The leadership and outreach displayed in Woliso is something that inspires us every time we see them.  Since we've known them, we've seen 13 church plants now packed full of worshiping Ethiopians.


We could not be more proud to be a part of what is going on in the Woliso Kale Heywet church and look forward to seeing our kids again soon!

​​We were similarly transfixed when we met our Kenyan partners, though for different reasons. Fountain of Life in Nairobi, Kenya  has struggled with the difficulties of the death of their pastor and unjustly losing their property, but have displayed an unwavering dedication while caring for their boys.  


50 gifted, smart, funny, and strong boys live at FOL where they have formed a deep family relationship, impacting the community.  We have an amazing time getting to hang out with them.  Some of our activities include a soccer (football) training camp, a "vacation" where we take them somewhere in Nairobi they've never been, and a leadership development, where we get to talk about what it means to really follow Christ.


As soon as anyone sees lil' Daniel smile, the first time they hear Wycliffe sing, the moment they hear Martin express what he's been through, they are in love.  They are the reason we can't wait until our trip comes every year.

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